Assistance Programs
The Hemispherectomy Foundation is excited to offer assistance with college tuition and camp fees, in hopes of enriching the lives of those who've undergone hemispherectomy surgery and the lives of their families.

Hemispherectomy Foundation Scholarships
The college and trade school scholarship program is to honor children who have faced so many challenges associated with hemispherectomy surgery and then gone on to do AMAZING things academically.   The Jessie Hall Hemispherectomy Scholarship’s goal is to help offset the cost associated with pursuing a college degree or trade school diploma. 

Hemispherectomy Foundation Camp Tuition Assistance Program
The Camp Tuition Assistance Program is used to help families offset the cost of a camp of their choice for their child who has undergone Hemispherectomy brain surgery.   All ages and independence levels are welcome to apply, and camp format is up to the parent and child.  You pick the camp, and we help pay for it.

*The size and amount of each grant depends on the number of applicants and the available funding for the year.