Camp Tuition Assistance Program
The Camp Tuition Assistance Program is administered by The Hemispherectomy Foundation, which makes annual awards to children who wish to enrich their lives through participation in a camp experience.  The number of recipients and amount of the assistance will be dependent upon the quantity of applicants and availability of funding. 100% of all monies collected for this program are given back to those children who have undergone a hemispherectomy.

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Applicants must provide the following information:
  • Year of hemispherectomy and hospital
  • Proof of enrollment amd cost
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship

In addition, the applicant must submit a brief essay (written by parent or child) of the benefits of the selected camp (fun, skills, friends, etc):

Applications will be accepted throughout the calendar year.  Awards will be granted based on available funding.

Please send your application and essay to:

- OR -

The Hemispherectomy Foundation
Camp Tuition Assistance Program
PO Box 1239
Aledo, Texas 76008-1239
The Camp Tuition Assistance Program

There is no restriction on the type or length of the chosen camp, or the age of the camper.  The camp is solely for the enjoyment and the enrichment of the child.  It can be a day camp, sleep-over camp, woods camp, city camp, horse-riding camp, special-needs camp, religious camp, crafts camp or any other camp that might provide benefit or joy to the child.


The awards are to be applied toward camp tuition, for the child, at an approved camp. Funds are to be used for tuition only.  The camp tuition assistance is not renewable; however, applicants may reapply each year and, if funds are available, will be considered again. Repayment of this award is not required unless the application is found to be fraudulent. No person involved in the Hemispherectomy Foundation Camp Tuition Assistance Program process shall make judgment based upon race, religion, or sex of the applicant.

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