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Why registration is important for our work at the Hemispherectomy Foundation :

When people make themselves known to us we can document the incidence of hemispherectomies. The Hemi Foundation receives no US Census figures and no reports from other government sources.  We rely on those who contact us to provide us with statistical data in an effort to advocate for increased services and research.  Our figures are only part of the whole international data pool but each additional piece of the puzzle is valuable.

Your registration also ensures you are kept up to date on Hemi Foundation news, events and enrolls you in our Hemi Hugs program. Also available is our Family Matching program where we connect you with other hemi-families, with your permission. You will also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships, camp tuition assistance and more.

*Contact information and data on patients is kept confidential unless permission is given to share with other hemi-families.


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