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Become a member of The Hemispherectomy Foundation and gain access to information and useful resources and services you need to be an engaged and educated advocate for your child. When you join, you will receive benefits and services to complement and expand your  knowledge.

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Why we require registration:

1. Some content of the Members Area contains personal information such as names and photos.  In an effort to protect the privacy of our Members, we safeguard this area to the general public.

2. Your information is needed:
When people make themselves known to us we can document the incidence of hemispherectomies. The Hemi Foundation receives no US Census figures and no reports from other government sources.  We rely on those who contact us to provide us with statistical data in an effort to advocate for increased services and research.  Our figures are only part of the whole international data pool but each additional piece of the puzzle is valuable.

*Contact information and data on patients is kept confidential unless permission is given to share with other hemi-families.
Membership benefits:

Web site access Although anyone can access, only registered members can obtain a username and password that allows them to download articles, read past issues of the newsletter, find specialized centers near them. Make sure you sign up for one.

Brain Matters  E-news is sent monthly to all members who have given us their email address. The E-news has current news, events and contact information.

Support Forum through Yahoo Groups This is a way for any member to be in contact with hundreds of other members and be able to ask questions, make friendly contact with families in their local area or around the world.

Find a Doctor or Hemi Center   Members can call the Hemi Foundation office to obtain contact information for a specialist convenient to their geographic area who has experience in, or is knowledgeable about your child's syndrome and/or hemispherectomy surgery.  Contact us to locate a specialist.

Family Connect  Whether you are facing a hemispherectomy, or are faced with new issues or concerns, The Hemi Foundation wants you to know support can be just one phone call away.  Join us to be connected. Many individuals and parents/caregivers whose lives have been affected by a hemispherectomy are waiting to connect with you. These volunteers are available to speak to you about their personal experiences, resources, information, and offer you support. The volunteers will not provide you with recommendations for medical treatment or give you medical advice, but they will share their first hand experiences with you about different types of treatment options available, helpful therapies, professionals and community resources. Someone is waiting to listen and to share his or her personal journey with you.

Hemi Hugs Program The Hemi Hugs program is our way of reaching out to "hug" our members from afar. We send care packages and cards of encouragement and if possible, we visit those who are in the hospital and recovering from a hemispherectomy. We also send holiday and birthday "hemi hugs". Anything we can do to help bring out a smile.

Materials and publications Informational brochures and other materials are available to any member who wants to spread awareness.

Special Event Invitations When there are Family Days or Regional Conferences planned, members are the first to be invited. Members are encouraged to lend a hand in the planning of events.

State Representatives Members are invited to sign on as a state rep, a person who will be the chief contact for new families and help the office staff plan local events.   

Call us Anytime  You can call our headquarters or your local/regional representatives. We will do our best to answer your questions or just lend an ear. Click on the Contact Us to find your best suited staff member to call.

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