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Foundation Office
PO Box 1239
Aledo, TX 76008

Kelly is a primary school teacher and has four beautiful daughters, one of whom had a hemispherectomy for Rasmussen’s Encephalitis. 

Kelly is very involved in the hemispherectomy community, the latest in rehab techniques.
Ask Our Hemispherectomy Foundation Teacher
Please send your questions to Kelly, or Kathleen, will be happy to answer any questions that you have relating to general education, special education, teaching strategies, resources and more. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will try to find it for you. If she can’t find it, she will give you her opinion. In today’s school systems, it is often difficult to find a teacher that will answer your emails. At the Hemispherectomy Foundation, we have a teacher dedicated to you. She realizes, especially in the Hemispherectomy World, that issues can be very different, and that each case is different. She will work with the rest of the staff to understand each issue, so that she can provide the best possible answer. This resource is a free service for your kids.

Sample Questions

  • How can my child (who has had a hemispherectomy) stay in the regular classroom and not be labeled "Special Needs"?
  • What are some ways to help other children understand my child's needs (if applicable)?  If needed, a counselor from the school could come and have a mini-visit to raise students' awareness and/or sensitivity to their classmate's limited skills in certain areas).
  • Can the teacher have a buddy system for certain tasks that may be difficult for my child?
  • How can the teacher meet the needs of a child who has had a hemispherectomy, while at the same maintaining a balance with the remaining students?
  • What programs can I utilize from the school to have others assist my child in the classroom when needed(such as parent volunteers, teacher aides)?
  • I strongly wish that others would allow our child to continue to try things independently without an automatic, immediate response for help.  How do we convey this without hurting feelings?
  • What are some classroom aids that I can buy? (slant board, pencil grips, etc..)
  • What is tactile Math?  Can it help my child?
  • What are some reading strategies that we can use?
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