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Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
North East Regional Director
Born as the third of four children, I was raised in a small community in Baltimore City, Maryland called Hamilton. Even though I grew up in a large city, Hamilton was a close knit community and most of my family lived on the same block. The local church was the focus of our social activities and my family was very involved. My father ran the Thanksgiving dinner for those too old or infirm to leave their homes or cook for themselves. I spent my youth taking dinners to shut ins and helping elderly people in the neighborhood with laundry and other chores. Year after year, our family dedicated our time and love towards families that were not as fortunate or were shut in due to a disability or hardship.  

After my parents passed away, I continued their legacy by being devoting my energies into my activities with the John’s Hopkins Children’s Center; organizing pizza parties, ice cream socials and winter stocking collections for the children. I also wanted to continue my parents’ memory by involving my children, Samie and Nickie, in all of my endeavors with the Children’s Center. My children and I have been so blessed that it is a gift to be able to lend a helping hand to families who have not been so fortunate.  

The Hemispherectomy Foundation became my passion when my girls and I saw the Jessie Hall story on the news. Samie, Nickie and I couldn’t help but understand the hardships of parents and children so far from home and facing such a scary ordeal. We just had to become involved and help to relieve some of the anxiety and stress these families were experiencing.

A tax accountant by trade; my organizational skills, dedication, attention to detail and links to the community have enabled me to make an impact in the The Hemispherectomy Foundation’s assistance to children and their families.