Cole's Story
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Cole's Story
Zionsville - A little boy in Zionsville spent most of his first year of life either having a seizure or recovering from one. As his second birthday nears, Cole Douglas is seizure-free thanks to an Indiana medical first. Cole is working on strengthening his legs and his balance. It's quite a turnaround for this toddler.

"He was always having more seizures. Every day we would see more and he ended up maxing out a between twenty and thirty a day," said Carrie Douglas, mother.

"He was diagnosed with a condition called cortical dysplasia and that is when the two hemispheres of the brain don't form the same," said Tom Douglas, Cole's father.

After a national search for help, Cole's parents opted a first-of-its kind surgery in Indiana with the Clarian Neuroscience team.

"The new technique is hemisherectomy, in other words, disconnection of half of the hemisphere, that is what we underwent," said Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol, Clarian Neuroscience.

"In this case when we removed half of the brain on the right side it is absolutely intriguing that the left side of the brain takes over both sides of the body," said Dr. Cohen-Gadol.

Before surgery Cole tested at the level of a three-month-old. But in the three months since, Cole has gained one and a half years in development.

He is now able to walk and use his left arm.

"Cole has done spectacular," said his doctor.

Doctors say Cole is on track for a normal life with an extraordinary start.

"It's truly been a miracle and we've been blessed to experience that," said Cole's dad.

The family is so grateful for Cole's progress that they're inviting the public to his second birthday party. It's Saturday night (2/7) at the American Legion Post in Zionsville. Proceeds benefit a foundation set up for other patients with this rare condition.

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